April 22, 2010

Image Resizer 3.0 Update

A member of the CodePlex team at Microsoft recently contacted me.  He asked me if I would be interested in allowing CodePlex and PreEmptive Solutions to use my project as a showcase for an upcoming integration between their two companies.  I was flattered by this opportunity; however, I realized that in order to participate, I would have to rewrite a majority of my project into .NET.  Being the ambitious person I am (or perhaps just because I'm a Microsoft whore), I decided to go for it.

Originally, I had planned on working my way up to version 3.0 of Image Resizer. Version 2.2 was going to be a multi-lingual bug fix release, and version 2.3 would finally introduce some of my most requested new features.  But, in light of recent events, I am going to forgo these releases and dive strait into my 3.0 vision.

I've been racking my brain on how best to introduce the new features, and I think things are starting to come together nicely.  There will be two main applications: the Image Resizer, and it's Settings.  The Image Resizer is basically what the application is today with a major UI overhaul and some subtle new features.  It will be a multi-page dialog consisting of the following page, a progress page, and a results page.

Please note that this screenshot is not finalized.  There are a few more things I would like to add to it, and I'm sure it will go through a few more rounds of editing and polishing.  However, it gives you a good feel for the direction I am going.  I wanted to make the auto-width/height feature more discoverable so I made the width and height fields editable combo boxes instead of just text boxes.  Width and height prompts have been added for UI clarity, and the much requested units field is present.  As of right now, these are the only new features (well, one feature and a couple clarifications) I intend to add to this dialog; all other features will be added to the Settings dialog or through Windows Shell extensions.

The Settings dialog is where most of the new features will go.  I decided to put them here because many of them I expect will not be per-job settings, but rather one-time configurations.  These will be things like the output file name format, the list of default sizes (Small, Medium, Large, etc.), enabling/disabling the check for updates option, enabling/disabling the ignore image rotations option, and maybe even specifying the resize algorithm and image quality.  Accessing this dialog will done from the start menu and probably from somewhere in the above dialog (still working out the details).

All in all, I love the direction this software is going, and I can't wait to see the reception it gets from you users.  Be sure to comment or send me an email if you have something to say. Positive or negative, I always listen.


sayahappyslalu said...

I like your software! thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! For Image Resizer 2.1 x64 for Windows 7!!

We are in Real Estate and take a TON of pictures that need to be resized for various uses, and really missed the MS version. Yours works great!

Suggestion - add a status bar "if" you can; the first use rendered a non-responsive in the header, but I knew resizing 70x7Mb images takes a period of time. The warning left and all was well.

Riki said...

Great jod dude ! I'd like to translate it into French, may I help ?

Alan Sharkey said...

I just looked at the screenshot. In my opinion, it would look neat with tabs for each page. Is this possible?


Keith64 said...

Great bit of software.

Request for v3: Could you add an option to convert the image to another format? If this would bloat it, perhaps just a choice of "Leave as is" or "Convert to Jpeg" as most people swap images as jpeg don't they?

Brice said...

Hi Bird,

I've also thought up a few companion utilities to provide in addition to the Resize pictures option: Crop pictures, Convert pictures, Rename pictures, and Animate pictures. I doubt these will be added to version 3, but feel free to vote on them to help me prioritize my work.

Unknown said...

Used and really liked simplicity and chosen functions in XP version.
'Convert pictures, Rename pictures' would also be useful, but preferably in secondary tabs from main screen.
Just a few size options with 'more' tab on main page keeps it simple.
Also, a persistent (until changed) setting- high preference.
Thanks for your effort to produce such a small but Great app!

Anonymous said...

I can finally migrate to Windows 7!thanks to Image Resizer 2.1.1

Puggle91 said...

How about adding a "Set as default" tick box to the dialogue window that, when ticked, saves the selected options as the default settings until ticked again with different settings selected.
Another request would be to add another right-click option to 'instantly' resize the selected images using the current default settings - it could say something like "Resize image/s to: 1024 x 768 jpg" (showing the appropriate settings at the time, of course) - this would save a few clicks when one wishes to apply the same settings to multiple files/folders.

Mik Achton-Boel said...

Hi Brice,

You have done a great job.

But I only have one suggestion. When resizing the pictures the date and time are changed. In the original Resize Picture the date/time is the same after resizing.

This is very usefull if have a lot of photos in the same folder

Best regards

Brice Lambson said...

FYI, I released a preview of version 3 last night: Image Resizer 3 Preview 1

Brian L said...


I have been using your app in all its guises since I had an XP computer.
I was recommending it to a friend and sent him the link. I then decided to upgrade my version to Version 3 from the 'Clone' version I have been using since I started using Vista.
My friend has downloaded it with no problems but every time I try to install, my Norton AV goes bananas and removes the installation attempt.
Strange thing is, my friend uses Norton too, although he uses an earlier version.

Brice Lambson said...

Crazy Norton, I'm no hacker.. :) Someone else reported a similar issue on the discussion forms: Virus?. Is this the same thing you're seeing, Brian?

Brian L said...

That is exactly the message that Norton flashes up........any suggestions?

Brian said...

I assume that I can work round it by shutting down Norton temporarily. Should I remove the old version of Resizer first?