January 28, 2010

Image Resizer 3.0 Brainstorming

Today I did a little brainstorming about what I want version 3 of the Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows to be like. Probably the biggest thing I want to do is a complete overhaul of the user interface. This will probably include things like:
  • More entry points
    • Explorer toolbar resize option
    • Drag-and-drop menu handler

  • Better error reporting
  • Branding
Just so you can get a feel of what I'm talking about, here is a little prototype I made today:
Another thing I want to do is rip out all the GDI+ code and replace it with the newer Windows Imaging Component (WIC) technology. WIC handles a lot more metadata, and it is extensible so my program could in theory support every image format known to man (assuming someone developes a WIC codec for it).

Last, but not least, I would like to address some of the feature requests that have been out there for a while. For example:
  • Check for updates
  • One installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Settings dialog

    • Specify default sizes
    • Specify resized file name format

Who knows, maybe I'll finally get some end-user documentation to put out there too. The future has much in store for this little utility!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Some control of the output image quality would be nice. The default quality seems to be set a little bit low.

Brice said...

The biggest problem with setting the quality is that it is a codec-specific setting. Since my software is intended to work with any image format, this would add a lot of complexity to the user interface. I am, however considering this in my design of version 3.

Corl said...

Nice clone. Love the simplicity of the app. My only suggestion would be to remove the EXIF camera data. Plus, remove the files thumbnail to lighten it by about 5 KB.

Best Regards,

Brice said...

I agree, Corl. I think I'm going to include an advanced option that will allow you to strip the resized images of their metadata. When I originally coded the clone, I had it like that by default, but users would complain saying all their "info" was gone. So I later added the part that keeps the metadata. But you have verified that there is value in leaving it out as well.

Anonymous said...

My main recommendation would be image quality. I find with the current resizer jpeg image quality is often poor so I often turn to photoshop batch scripts to resize images where I want to keep the quality relatively high.

A settings option where the quality can be adjusted would be great!

Unknown said...

Have really enjoyed the functionality of the XP version.
With wide screens,"checkbox for: ASPECT RATIO MAINTENANCE" is very
As in your screenshot, a few common
size options with a 'more' button keeps the UI simplified.
Also, a persistent setting (until changed again) would be really nice.
Thanks for your effort to create such a Great, (and free) fine functioning app.

Anonymous said...

Resizer is a fabulous utility - is there a way to add 'run a batch at a preset time?' or is that already in current version and I cant find it.
I showed resizer to 80 teachers last night, they loved it :)

Brice Lambson said...

@anonymous: A setting for 'JPEG Quality Level' will be in Version 3.

@aisealutions: Currently the aspect ratio of the original image is always maintained. An option to stretch images will be added. Also, the last options selected are already rememberd when you start the app again.

@mikemcsharry.com: Version 3 will be much more command-line friendly so you can easily integrate it with other programs (e.g. Task Scheduler).

Anonymous said...

Hi Brice,
You have been doing a great job with this tool.
There is still some other stuff that could be added as well:
1- resizing in v2 blocks the Explorer. Maybe launching a process in the backound could help with that (I don't know if it's possible.
2- Improve multithreading to resize several images at the same time. Specially with new multicre computers it seems that it doesn't use the whole lot of processors that are available.

Otherwise, good job.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the multi-core support too(it's a must today). And for the output image's quality percent(i think that in older tools the percent is somehow around 70-75% - the same value has the "normal" quality of a picture in a camera - it would be nice if you add the "keep compression of the original jpg" option or ar least an editable quality percent)

Brice Lambson said...

FYI, I released a preview of version 3 last night: Image Resizer 3 Preview 1

pcor said...

Brice if it is possible it would be great to have an option to place the resized images in a new subfolder. I have always had a problem with batch jobs placed in the same folder

Brice Lambson said...

@pcor, this is already possible. See Resize image to new folder or the bottom section of Resizing pictures in the User's Guide.