October 31, 2011

Image Resizer 3 Preview 2

In case anyone missed it, I released a second preview of Image Resizer 3. I wanted to get the existing bits as stable as possible so I fixed a few bugs and created a setup bootstrapper so there is no longer separate 32-bit and 64-bit installers. The main feature I added was multi-threaded resizing so now all those powerful cores on you computer can be used for resizing.

I set this release as the default download since it is as stable as version 2 was with all of its features. I'm going to start taking slices from the version 3 backlog and hopefully get new drops out about every three months.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I am posting here because I could not get registered in CodePlex. I downloaded your ImageRisizer and installed while logged in under a non-admin account. However, when I try and try to use ImageRisizer while in the non-admin account, none of the IR screens appear. The option to 'Risize Pictures' is there, but when I click on it, nothing happens. If I login under the admin account, the IR works. I am using Win7, 64bit.

BTW, it would be nice on the install to have a choice of where to install to.


Anonymous said...

Hi is there a chance that you can make a version 3 which only needs .NET platform 2.0? I think (at least for me) it is a little too much to install this 4.0 framework version only for using your tiny program.