May 11, 2006

Career Week: ACS

ACS had a lot of people come:
  • Michelle Martin
  • Lou Dibella
  • Doug Barton
  • Steve Gardanier
  • David Carroll
  • Steve McNamara
Lunch was by Kneaders.

They ran out of food, so I went to Panda Express with Lannon. I was late to the presentation, but the speakers that I heard gave us some really good advice. Concerning ACS, I don't think that I would want to work there -- They're the company does work for gigantic corporate companies. That's not the kind of environment that I want to work in.

Oh, the best part of all is that they brought a bunch of stress balls, and stress footballs.

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Brice said...

ROFL, how ironic! It's now three and a half years later: I'm working for ACS (through an acquisition) as a Systems Developmet Specialist, and that same Douge Barton is my manager. :P